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The last couple of years was a great time of change for us. It included a short-lived move from New York to Los Angeles, going back to school, a relocation to our native countries of Ireland and Australia and a pivot in our day jobs from service to software. We made a fun bet that we would get together again and make a record in Australia when things settled down. So that's what we did. Right before lockdown went into effect in New York, John visited Melbourne. After a week jamming in the studio the guts of the record was done.

Some of these tracks were first demoed in the kitchen of John's old apartment in Bedford-Stuyvesant. It was during those sessions that Aaron first became excited about the idea of using technology to create a big, electronic sound that still felt organic and human. It wasn't until the jams in Melbourne that we found the sound we were looking for. It feels great to be closing this chapter in our lives with the release of our first full length album. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we did making.

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Aaron and John

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